The Tapestry

The Tapestry Room

I was taken up to heaven by the Lord one day. He led me into a long, rather large room. The room was full of angels, busy caring for a large living tapestry. At one end of the room, standing several stories tall, was a large loom. A spindle, large enough to almost fill the whole height of the room, held a bale of light. The bale held thousands of strands or threads of light that fed into the working end of the loom. The threads of light were woven into a very large and long tapestry. The tapestry was alive with history, starting with creation and moving on to the present time. I could see a bird’s-eye view of everything that was going on in history. I first saw Adam and Eve as they were walking in the garden. I could see them clearly and watch what they were doing, then move my eyes down the tapestry a short distance and see what they were doing then. Before I became engrossed in their lives, Jesus grabbed my arm and started pulling me along the edge of the tapestry. Now the room was long and wide and the tapestry filled the room, leaving only a working aisle on either side to walk along. The tapestry was laying out flat about waist high, so I could bend over and see the details of the history of the world of man as it was recorded in truly living color. As Jesus rushed me along the timeline, I could see things I thought I recognized. I was not given time to stop and examine history, but it was there for the seeing.

I came to a period in history where the living color of the tapestry narrowed to a point. For one moment in time there was darkness across the width of the tapestry, and then the full live color returned, expanding from a narrow point and widening out again to the entire width of the tapestry. I knew I was seeing the time when Jesus died on the cross, was buried, and rose again. Jesus continued to pull me along. All this time, Jesus was having a blast. He was so excited. He had a place to go and was going to get me there. Because of His enthusiasm, I felt as though the place He was taking me was the most important on the whole timeline. I was also getting excited. Where was He taking me? When Jesus is excited, all of heaven is too. The room itself was getting excited, as was the tapestry. Jesus began to slow down and pay attention to the light threads that made up the living tapestry, as if He could see each one, knew each one, and was looking for just one out of the whole.  As He slowed down He spoke out loud for the first time since our arrival in the tapestry room. “Look, look. Here, here, here are your grandfathers and grandmothers, here’s your mom and dad…” and leaping up with great joy, He pointed down to the tapestry, “there you are!”

With a whoosh in my spirit I found myself back in my room, sitting in my chair, totally amazed. Jesus was so excited over ME.