Night Doctor

In 1980, while I was living in San Antonio, Texas, and in the midst of ministry change, I began having pains at night. Severe neck pains that would keep me awake most of the night. The pain was manageable during the day, but at night it kept me from sleep. This went on for weeks and I was feeling the effects of no sleep. We prayed for healing. We prayed more. We had others pray. We had others pray more. And yet, the condition became worse.

One night I woke up from my tossing and turning and noticed a doctor in my room. He wore a three-piece suit and had a black doctor bag. I thought, “Oh my, someone called for a doctor. I must be really bad off. I did not realize that doctors made house calls any more.” Before I could sit up in bed the doctor was at my bedside telling me in no uncertain terms, “Lie still. Do not move.” He began to move my arms and legs to a position he must have thought was going to help and told me again, “Do not move.” I was very uncomfortable, in pain, wanting to sleep, and ticked off that this doctor had very poor bedside manners. I tried to stay in the same spot the doctor had placed me in and I actually dozed off to sleep. It did not last long and I began to thrash around in bed again, only to hear the doctor’s voice commanding me, “Don’t move.” Again, he positioned me and I tried to lay still and then fell off to sleep. This seemed to go on for several hours. Each time I awoke to the doctor telling me, “Don’t move.” I got used to this and finally towards morning when I would awaken, I would lay still until he would position me to where he wanted. By early morning I was feeling comfortable with my doctor and his bedside manners. I also felt pretty good. The neck pains were gone and I had gotten some sleep.

The last time I awoke, the doctor asked me, “Would you like to see how we minister truth to humans?” Wow, I thought that would be cool and said yes right off. The doctor had his hands cupped together in front of his chest and moved them slowly towards me as he opened his hands at the same time. Light poured out from the center of his cupped hands. Bright, brilliant, shocking white light. Then he cupped his hands back and the light was gone. Again he did the same thing and light poured out to me. While he was doing this he told me, “We expose people to light until they become uncomfortable and then we draw back. We do this often, exposing them longer each time until they can take hold of the light themselves.”

I was very impressed. I looked up into my doctor’s eyes and realized that he was sitting cross-legged in thin air a foot or two above the center of my bed. He then disappeared.

The pain never came back and I slept very well once again. I asked the Lord why He sent a angel and did not heal me. The Lord told me that I was not sick but I did need ministry from the warfare I was under.

Within several weeks I was able to hear from the Lord – what to do and where to go as He led me back to Wisconsin.